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At the bottom of Poplar Drive turn right then left into the park.

At the top right hand side of the park there is a alley to Derby Road. Turn left at the road as you walk along there are several entrances to the fields that border the road.

If you keep walking along Derby Road until you get to the car wash and cross there you will find a peaceful country lane on your right. You can do a circular walk from here ending in Wingerworth and walking back to Tupton roundabout.

Turn right onto Queen Victoria Road and keep walking past the school. The Corner Cafe has a garden where you can take your dog. If you carry on past the cafe you'll come to a railway bridge. Turn left at the metal stile and follow the trail. After going under a railway bridge turn left and the trail will bring you back to Tupton Rugby club. Cross the field and walk up the alley beside the church and you will be back on Queen Victoria Road opposite the school.