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Why do parks need a site licence to operate and where do they come from?

What things should you be aware of in your park’s licence?

Aimee Hutchinson, from Blacks Solicitors LLP, and The Leasehold Advisory Service’s Antony Tregenna explore the main issues.

 All residential mobile home parks require a site licence to operate. Site licences (of which we have two) are issued by the local authority (in our case N.E. Derbyshire) in which the site is located and have a number of conditions attached. Those conditions affect the way in which a park is managed and, for that reason, impact upon its residents. This article examines some of the common issues that arise on parks where site licence conditions may play a part.

Where can a resident locate a copy of the site licence?

Site owners are required to display the site licence on the park and the site licence itself will stipulate where it should be displayed. This is usually in a prominent location and it should either be the complete site licence or the front page of the licence, together with confirmation of where the complete licence and conditions can be inspected) We have obtained a copy of the Sunningdale Park one which is very similar to Poplar Drive pne. If you require a copy of the licence please contact one of the Committe.

Are the site licence conditions different for each park?

In 2008 the Government published a document entitled Model Standards for Caravan Sites in England. Local authorities are required to have regard to such model standards, which relate to matters such as the layout of the park, the facilities that are to be provided on the park and the maintenance of common areas on the park, when deciding what conditions to attach to a site licence. A local authority may, within its discretion, amend or add to those model standards (which are said to represent those standards normally expected as a matter of good practice on mobile home sites). There is, therefore, an element of consistency in relation to the site licence conditions across the country but as each park, and each local authority is unique, it will be important to check the site licence itself and not just the model standards.

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