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  • Community Spirit: Most Parks have a community spirit. Some park residents meet regularly for coffee mornings, meals, and trips out.

  • Security: Some parks are a 'gated community' where crime is very low. Most parks are full of retirees so there is always somebody to keep an eye on things.

  • Value for money: Downsize to a park home and you'll almost certainly free up equity. Most park homes fall under Band A for Council tax.

  • Peace and quiet: Most sites are large enough to get the feeling of calm and tranquility. Some are in green locations and are a way from towns and cities.

  • Stress free living: Most park homes are low-maintenance and if you buy a brand new one they come completely fitted with furniture, carpets and curtains.

  • Superb quality: If you are buying a park home from the makers you will expect to receive state-of-the-art fixture and fittings.

  • Protected: You are protected by the 1983 Mobile Homes Act providing the park home site owner has the appropriate license. Make sure that if you want to live all the year round that the owner has the correct license.

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