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Burgundy Bin!

In the main bin:

  • Mixed plastics (i.e.) bottles, food trays, yogurt & margarine tubs)
  • Empty food tins & drink cans
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Flattened cardboard
  • Empty aerosols
  • Textiles & shoes (in a clear plastic bag please)
  • Brown paper envelopes
  • Foil & food trays (washed & squashed)
  • Waked food packaging (i.e.) milk, fruit juice containers.

Inner box (if you have one):

Newspapers, Magazines, Paper, Telephone directories, Catalogues, Junk mail, Glossy pamphlets, Shredded paper (weighted down in bottom by other paper, small household batteries (in a clear plastic bag)

What should not be in the bin:

  • Plastic carrier bags & crisp packets

  • Windowpanes, cookware, pyrex, windscreens

  • Plastic films, polstyrene & bubble wrap

  • Household waste - such as nappies, food waste, dog waste etc

  • Wrapping paper & greeting cards

Extra recycling that won't fit in your burgundy bin, can be presented in a clear plastic bag at the side of the burgundy bin on collection day. Large cardboard packaging may also be put at the side of your burgundy bin

Green Bin!

  • Grass cuttings, flowers & weeds

  • Leaves, hedge & plant clippings, prunings

  • Left over fruit, salad, vegetable waste, egg shells

  • Pet bedding from small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs & hamsters

  • Cooked food left overs - bread, pastries, pasta, meat, fish (raw & cooked - including bones) plate scraping, tea bags & coffee grounds

What should not be in the bin:

  • Cardboard boxes & card packaging - these go in your burgundy bin
  • Wallpaper & wrapping paper
  • Waxed packaging, such as juice cartons - these go in your burgundy bin
  • Stone, rubble, soil or truf
  • Dog and cat waste
  • Disposal nappies
  • Plastic of any sort - these go in your burgundy bin
  • All TYPES of bin liners, carrier bags, packaging, foil or polystyrene
  • Bottles, cans & papers - these go in your burgundy bin
  • Timber or plywood
  • Ashes

Food can be placed in PAPER bags manufactured to the British standard EN13432 ONLY.