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Play area next to the park - now open:

Plans for the play are next to the park


Sunningdale Park is in the village of Tupton

about 3 miles from the historic town of Chesterfield,

famous for the 'Crooked Spire' of the Church of St. Mary and All Saints.

Full Address: Sunningdale Park, Tupton, Chesterfield, S42 6EE.


Advantages of Park living

Sunningdale Park Residents Association

As far as North East Derbyshire Council the site has two licenses. Poplar Drive and Sunningdale Park/Willow Square.

There is one Residents Association which represents the two sites with two chairpersons.

Complying within the Mobile Homes Act.

To comply with the requirements of the Mobile Homes Act, which requires that at least 50 per cent of the residents must be members. The Association gets together to organise events on behalf of the residents and inform them of new developments that might effect them.

What does this Association do.

We will keep the park residents informed about new legistration and organisations that can help you through this website and newsletters. We plan to organise social events - both on and off the park - from meals (pie & pea suppers), Easter parties and barbecues.  The Committee are here to help any residents who may need our help and assistance.


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